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100% deadstock yarn

The FIBR Waste Warrior scarf is made of deadstock yarns from Solid Craft's warehouse in Ayacucho.  These are leftover yarns from past seasons that, by knitting them into scarfs, are prevented from going to waste. 


The tight tension and rib stitch give the scarf a clean ribbed surface, avoiding it from getting too thick. Not fluffy, but warm and cosy. Ideal for winter walks, as well as to keep you warm on a chilly evening in spring. 


Material & Care:

  • Composition: 47% alpaca, 40% acryllic, 13% nylon

  • Hand wash with cold water, do not iron, lay flat to dry, use baby shampoo

  • Mend if broken and only wash when really dirty


  • Rib stitch

  • Length: 160cm

  • Width: 30cm



  • Full FIBR: Go all the way with a sweater and a scarf and get a 15% discount. 


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  • FIBR works with a pre-order system. We do this to avoid over production. Our second sale has ended and we are currently producing the second batch of FIBR sweaters.

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