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100% baby alpaca

The men's sweater has a broad collar. It's relaxed fit lend to easy layering, without seeing your shirt under it.


The tight tension and purl stitch give the sweater a plain surface and a certain weightiness while maintaining that the garment gets not too warm. Ideal for 4 seasons.


Material & Care:


  • 100% baby alpaca (Baby alpaca is not shorn from baby alpacas, but from the finest wool of grown-up alpacas).

  • Hand wash with cold water, do not iron, lay flat to dry, use baby shampoo

  • Mend if broken and only wash when really dirty





  • Double knitted collar, rib stitch

  • Higher neckline.

  • Border of the sleeves: extra long gives the possibility to fold up.

  • Border bottom: little bit tighter for having a nice fall of the sweater rib stitch.

  • All season sweater, finely knitted but very warming.

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